nick:  dexed/energy
name:  Piotr Małuszyński
born:  1978
about:  Music is his Pasion. He supports different scene projects. Member of Moonflow & GGS groups. He creates electronic music in different styles like house,techno,breaks and others. He cooperate with Andrzej Hary Lozowski in ethnic project "TamTam Hare".

nick:  siatek
name:  Zbigniew Siatecki
born:  1980
about:  He has had composed music for mobile games, GBA games, playstation games. Also a member of Altair demoscene group.

nick:  forsaken
name:  Konrad Mikołajczyk
born:  1985
about:  Musician and sound developer with some experience in game audio.

nick:  alkor
name:  Adam Dziuba
born:  1984
about:  Just a poor little man, creating ambient sounds and warm melodies. He has made music for presentations and some mobile phones midi tunes. Also a member of a demoscene group called Digital MAfia.

nick:  arson
name:  Arkadiusz Rychlik
born:  1981
about:  He was a demoscene musician (1996-2000). He creates electronic music, but still changes his style. Always looking for new sounds.

nick:  emsi
name:  Marcin Ciesielski
born:  1981
about:  He makes hiphop,electro beatz and supports scene-magazines. Did few illegal CDs. Still workin' on his hiphop debut album.

nick:  sherlOck
name:  Krzysztof Kollek
born:  1983
about:  Involved in so many hiphop related projects-hard to list them all. A member of Drift and Madwizards. Still working on his debut album...

nick:  essential sound
name:  Marcin Zając
born:  1982
about:  A demoscene musician, makes a little bit of sound design too. Playes various kind electronic music. Also a midi tunes creator for mobile stuff.

nick:  stilgar
name:  Szymon Folwarczny
born:  1985
about:  Distort Waves founder, musician, producer. Stealpot "mass mess.AGE" released by spirea/vivo records 2005. A member of Drift and Addict.

nick:  nordbasse
name:  Rafał Banasik
born:  1981
about:  He is a founder of Distort Waves group and also a member of Nah-Kolor and Suspend. Musician, sound designer, composed music for mobile games, demoscene productions and many more.

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